Blessed are they that keep his testimonies and that seek him with the whole heart (Psalm 119:2).

Father of righteousness and everlasting truth, who have bowed the heavens for thy servants, let our LORD God be blessed forever. Eternally faithful God who have caused our souls to rejoice like sunshine on a sunny day and flourished like a tree planted by a river, we solemnly offer our gratitude to the most High God. Thy name alone is worthy to be praised. O Father, rejoice in the heavens, my God.

LORD, help us to stay in thy fear and seek thee with our whole heart. In thy wisdom we shall honour thee. Give us understanding that we shall live. Search us, O LORD, and if there is anything that hinders thy glory remove it. Remove it, O LORD, and restore thy faithful hope and thy glory. Let us dwell in honour, acceptable before thee, and live like royal priesthood who shall delight the heavens and the kingdom of our God. Restore all that we have lost, even the things we did not understand. Bring to our knowledge the ways of our God. And let us lift thee up, O Most High God, and bring forth thy glory in abundance.

O Father, righteous is my God. Holy is the God that created us. The God of infinite wisdom and glory shall be exalted without measure. O children of Almighty God, bring forth all thy wonderful treasures and bless the LORD. Lift him up for he is our God. Exalt him in the highest. Make known of his riches. In all the land glorify his name. The LORD is our God. He is our banner, our strength, our redeemer, our glory. He is the Light that shines in our hearts that we may rise up with jubilation and bring forth the joys of our God. O how precious is this God who have magnified our souls so delightful? How precious is his mighty hand who have ordained strength to babes and sucklings? The LORD is our God. All our hope shall abound with joy. Turn to my God. Seek him, children of the living God. The LORD is good to us. Even my soul knows fully well the goodness of the LORD. O Father, thou art my God. Thou art the blessed hand that saved my soul. Thou art eternally blessed. Let thy blessings be magnified. In all the land let thy name be blessed forever. Amen.

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