Heavenly Father, I come before you professing my sins. In Jesus, thy blessed Son, I seek thy forgiveness. I have not withheld my tongue from exalting your name. Nor am I ashamed of you. Boldly before the sons of men I have declared thy name. Thy name is a joy to my soul. You O LORD are worthy to be praised. And the joy of my soul is evident of your love. Your faithfulness I have seen, time, and time again. And who can say that the LORD my God is not a faithful God? The mighty hand of God has come forth with pleasures of righteousness. O LORD God, thy power and thy glory are made known to me. The joy of my heart is higher that many mountains. And how many oceans can stand between me and my God? This is no ordinary love that I have seen from you my LORD. The mighty hand of God is mighty indeed. All my trust is in the LORD. Yea, all of it. All my confidence is in the LORD. Yea, I have seen the works of God. I have seen it with my own eyes. Shall I  not believe the working of the Almighty God? I will call on my God, not because I want something from him. But because I desire the comfort of my God. He is my Father and I need him. I need him to know that he is dear to me and I hold him in the highest esteem. My thoughts are on my God and I know his thoughts are on me too. I am not perfect and the LORD knows fully well. But I desire to love the LORD, to please him. I desire his help in every thing I do. What good will I be without God? I will not go a day without him. If my God will not glory then I will not glory. When my God is pleased, I will be pleased. When I call upon the name of the LORD he answers. O what joy he brings to my soul. My nights are peaceful; for the wings of the LORD comfort me. My days prosper; for the LORD is with me. Like the lillies of the valley they array with beauty. And the hope of the LORD is magnified in this truth. Who shall I fear if God is by my side? How many dogs have come before me to eat up my flesh and where are they now? I will truth in the LORD; for he is my light that shineth forever. Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but I will remember the name of the LORD my God. I will remember it like the sun remember the morning, like the moon remember the night, like the stars that come out dancing with glory. My soul shall wait on the LORD; he is my strength and my shield. The LORD is my God. His name shall be sweet upon my tongue. My lips shall greatly rejoice when I sing unto thee; and my soul which thou hast redeemed (Psalm 71:23).

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