TO THE JEWELS OF GOD:by Mikey St. John

To the Jewels of God, this is my God and your God that speaketh [speaks], the righteous God, the holy God, the God that liveth [lives] forever.

By grace we are saved. But let not the works of thy [your] hands be crocked and evil; for that grace which the LORD giveth [gives], he shall take it away. An ungodly man who trample on the grace of Christ, an considers Salvation his path to perpetuate evil and corruption, will find destruction at the end of the road. I am with the LORD, and he with me. If any man be foolish in his heart, and disregard righteousness for foolishness, he will surely die. This truth I bring to you, as my Father has spoken to me. That should you heed to the wisdom of God, this truth shall save thy [your] soul from destruction. Let no man deceive you into being corrupt. Heaven is not a place of corruption, nor is the kingdom of God; I tell you this truth. Unrighteous men will not dwell in the presence of God. Be holy as I am holy, say the LORD. [Must I tell you my God approves these things]. This truth I bring to you. This truth I leave with you. Flee from wickedness; for this righteous God will despise thee [you]. I am enclosed in the presence of God. A ring of fire is around me. This is a mighty God. This is a God of glory. This is a God that I adore, whom I desire, and fear. The LORD knows this truth; for he has searched my heart. The hand of God is upon me. The days are drawing near; the kingdom of God is at hand! Heed to this warning. I am a messenger of God, called to be a prophet, not by my will, but by the will of God. [My God approves this]. O Father, thy [your] will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

Blessed is he that believeth [believe], and yet do not see. The Spirit of God is moving mightily upon this land. This God of mine is not a blind God, nor is he deaf. All that is in the heavens and the earth is God’s. Do not forget it!

This is not to be played with. This covenant of the shed blood of the Lamb of God, the everlasting covenant, the final covenant, shall not be despised and trampled on. Let any man who is wise consider this the word of God. For this God that I serve will hold you accountable if you break this covenant. This is the word of the LORD my God. Who have ears, let them hear what the Word of God is saying.

Precious is the LORD. Worthy is the Lamb of God. Blessed is the King of glory, who have sanctified the souls of his saints. Amen.

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