Men who are not of God cannot teach the word of God. For they will falter, and the errors of their hearts will be revealed. I lie on by bed today, waiting on the LORD. The sorrows in my heart covered my face in tears, knowing fully well that the kingdom of God is at hand. And many are uncovered; they have not repented of their sins, and seek Christ on the Cross. And many will die uncovered, without the sprinkling of the blood of the Lamb, and the Salvation of God.

Only by Christ can they receive liberty. And if not by Christ, all shall be bound for eternity in hell. God sheweth [shew] mercy to this wicked world. Expecting us to go to Christ, the redeemer, on the Cross, to be redeemed from our sins, for he knows we have fallen short of the glory of God. And without Christ on the Cross, no one can reclaim that oneness with God the Father, as it was in the beginning, nor be in his image. [God created us in his image, not the sinful us, but the righteous us]. For when Adam disobeyed God, and sinned, the covenant between man and God was broken. And that which was established thereafter is replaced. But a better covenant cometh [come], says the LORD. In Christ we shall be renewed, and that which was broken shall be made whole again. Glory be to the most High God, who can fix what man cannot. This praise I give to God; for him alone is God.

Many don’t want to hear about hell. They say, It is too harsh a thing to hear. Tell them sweet things; comfort them in wickedness, and call evil good. Have I become weak in the Spirit that I may do such a thing? It was Christ who said, he will go to the Father, and ask the Father to send us the Comforter (John 14:16 – 24), not to comfort those in wickedness, but those in righteousness, who are the children of God, sons and daughters, born of Christ. But I say to you, if you hate hell you will love heaven. And you will go to Christ, knowing that he is the only way to the kingdom of heaven. Many are hiding their faces. What will they do next, change their names? If you have not figured it out already, you cannot run from God. Let me bring to your remembrance Jonah, who had to come to fear God, in the belly of the whale (Jonah 1:2 – 17). The day will come when many will run from God, hide behind rocks, and beg them to fall on them (Luke 23:30; Revelation 6:15 – 17). But today is not that day. Today you have the chance to come out from the rocks, and come to the LORD, the living God. I say to all of you, if I know you [my friends and acquaintances], do you not believe that God knows all of you? He knows who have received his message, and trampled on it. He knows the ones who want me to lace it with honey; tell them sweet lies, and put it on a platter for them. But know this, I am not a man pleaser. I am a pleaser of the LORD my God. It is he that I glorify. It is he that I will lift up. It is he that I will praise, all the day long. If I have to praise him alone, I will. Know you not, that the hand of God is upon me? [My God approves of this]. I tell you the truth; what pleases God I will do. [He approves of that too]. God is not a dead God, get to know him. [Yea, that too he approves]. This is my God, the living God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in whom I put my trust.

If you do not understand what love is, I will tell you. Love is God, who send his only begotten Son, Christ Jesus, to die for our sins, that should we believe, we shall have life, and have it abundantly (John 10:10). Love is bringing forth the word of God, his truth, not twisting it, or diluting it, but letting the truth stand on its own weight, which is God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I say this to the ends of the world, love God, and put no other before him. And love thy neighbor as thyself. This also I say to the ends of the world, in boldness, this God of mine, who have stretched forth the heavens, and have caused all things to stand in obedience, is a good God. If you know him, you will praise him, not with vain words of thy [your] mouths, but from the sincerity of thy hearts, in the true love of God. [I am stirred up; for the glory of God is upon me]. I have come to share the good word of God, to deliver good news to the world. Christ liveth [lives], and we shall live if we believe. This truth I bring to you, not wavering like the wind (Ephesians 4:14), but I stand on the Rock of God, which is Christ. For the hand of God is not short, and the Holy Spirit is moving, moving with the glory of God. The heavens are opened up. And my hands are stretched forth toward the LORD, who is exceedingly joyful. Blessed be my LORD and my God. Let prosperity beseech them, and let righteousness cover them. O LORD, this honor I give to you, in Spirit and in truth.

I pray to God, that he will remove the veil from the eyes of the blind, that they shall see. I pray that he soften their hearts that are harden because of wickedness. That the chains of the devil that burden their souls will be broken. Let my God have his way; for his way is righteous, and good. His way giveth [gives] life, and all should hope in the LORD my God. For to hope in anyone else will bring disgrace upon thy [your] souls. O LORD, thy servant, leave this in your hand; for you and only you are worthy. Amen.

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