I have risen from the belly of the whale, and now stand in the glory of God to tell you his truth. There is nothing good about sin. There is no blessing that comes from it. There is no righteousness in it. There is no favor in it. But favor cometh by the grace and the mercy of God. It cometh by Christ, the anointed Son of God.

If I stand before you, know that I come not in disagreement of God, but in unity and in oneness of God. Shall I divide the kingdom of God? I shall bring joy to the LORD, and gladness to his heart. For the hand of God is not short; he has stretched forth his hands upon me. That I shall declare his truth to his people, and a wayward and preverse generation. It is by the mercy of God and his endearing love, that salvation is still accessible to those who are weary of dying, and in need of eternal life of our living God.

My hand is free from death, and my heart carries no burdens of darkness. For all that I am, and all that I have become, is through Christ and the grace of God. Let the heaven rejoice by its work. Let glory be the most High God. Let the redeems testify to the mighty hand of God. Forever and ever, let God be praised.

Let all praise the LORD. The judgement of God will stand. It will stand strong as the mountains. It will raw like a lion with strength. Authority shall beseech it. Righteousness shall be all over it. The wisdom of God shall carry it. It shall be a delight and glory to the saints. Israel shall rejoice in the judgment of God. Jacob shall rejoice. Zion shall rejoice. O yea, we shall all rejoice in the goodness of the LORD. We shall rejoice in the justice of the LORD. His ways shall prosper. Prosperity shall come to Jerusalem. And his beauty of holiness shall blossom. It shall blossom like the morning star. It shall blossom like the lillies of the valleys. Forever and ever, my LORD God shall blossom. And my blessings shall pour upon him with a sweet anointing. I have said it, and my LORD has approved it. It is done. Heaven has open up its door.

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