MADNESS: Mikey St. John

We are really great at rewriting history, and right now the bad parts are winning by a wide margin… It was just about 10 pm on that Friday night when this horrid news came rushing in, and erupted like a volcano, in front off me, brazen, totally disregarding my state of mind at that moment, without any thought for my soul. My anger rose hurriedly, and I became flustered and extremely heated. For a quiet moment sadness hit me so hard, felt like a brick had torn my inside upside down, and suddenly I became numbed. If only I could fly away, so far away, away from reality, I might survive the moment and return like a butterfly, in a much happier and pleasant world. But that was not to be; my body shivered, tears fighting to stay in place — maybe saving itself for later if need be.

This was no dream, reality clung to me like glue, crazy, with a sense of madness in the room which I sought cover, which was warmer than usual, yet my entire body felt cold like ice. My denial was obvious; it consumed me like a sunk ship in deep waters. But I kept — looking, looking, looking — thought I was just tired, so I looked again, and again. I prayed that it was faked news. For once, please let it be wrong. After all, this could not be happening, again. But I had to face that “bitch” with courage and strength. There was no other way; we had to try and find solutions for one of man’s most disgraceful behavior, that would make the devil smile and laugh with joy… But this was no laughing matter — slavery in Libya, in the 21st century. What’s going on in this world: so much evil, so much pain and suffering? Everywhere you turn, people are functioning less that humane and more like wild, deranged animals.

The situation has escalated with grief, a burden to humanity, and souls that long for hope. This is tough, but what can we do to help our human kind in bondage, held like animals, waiting to be auction off? We have no time to delay. Our tears will not be enough. So I urge everyone to rally their congressman and congresswoman so we can confront these inhumane, babaric behaviors — and remedy this situation, immediately. This has to stop! This madness has to stop! Let us pray, and ask God to have mercy on their souls. That he may free them from the hands of destroyers. May the hope and the freedom of God find them quickly.

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